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Manufacturas Correli S.A. de C.V.
Calle Topia no. 474
Parque Industrial Lagunero
Gómez Palacio, Dgo.
C.P. 35078.
PH: 52.871.757.48.96

We manufacture a wide variety of products ranging from Sisal, Loofah, Ramie, Cellulose, Lavender Aromatherapy to wonderful Sauna Bath Gift Sets for any occasion.

If you are interested in buying loofah in its natural state, you have come to the right place!







Let us give you the supplies you need to offer one of the leading imports in the world - Loofah.
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Want to learn more about Lufa, or the Washrag Gourd - how it is harvested, and its many uses?
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